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Tile & Paving
Stone Floor Tiles
Use granite paving to create an extremely durable and modern patio space to enjoy with family and friends. A lightly flamed finish intensifies already vibrant colours whilst also providing excellent slip resistance even when wet.
Achieve a consistent look with this fine surfaced granite
Flamed texture provides added slip resistance in wet weather
Fine grained granite texture reduces discolouration to keep your patio looking pristine
Hand selected colour to ensure a natural blend across every project
Enjoy peace of mind with this ethically sourced fairstone granite paving
Calibrated for ease of installation and a consistent finish
Create bespoke, contemporary designs with the wide range of sizes and colours
Choice Materials
A modern and stylish patio product with a lightly flamed surface texture offering excellent slip-resistant properties. This fine surfaced granite guarantees precision, durability and consistent good looks. Create a truly bespoke look through blending the wide range of different sizes and complementary colors Granite berry white features natural veining throughout, giving beautiful character to this natural stone.