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Garden Products
Choose from a selection of granite garden accents to bring something unique to your yard or garden.

1. Made from natural stone boulders, the top is polished with natural edges while the legs are
natural boulders
2. Each piece is hand selected to match the shape and color of the other granite boulders
3. Also available with a curved basalt seat
4. Please note any rock or stone formations may have natural variations in color and size; size
and weight are approximate with each item.
Searching for a traditional style bench for your yard, garden, park, corporate grounds, schoolyard or cemetery? Spare yourself the hassle that comes with caring for wood furnishings by investing in a solid Granite Bench complete with backrest. This stunning piece has strength and durability that offers a touch of elegance that will remain a feature in your outdoor space for years to come. It is fully polished and thus requires no maintenance beyond occasional surface cleaning.