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Kitchen Worktop
Why You Should Consider a Granite Worktop
Granite certainly has a wide price range, depending on the colour of stone and the size of your kitchen or bathroom, meaning it is very customisable to your budget.
Granite is simple to clean with warm water or mild detergent, which makes it an ideal choice for kitchen and bathrooms, where hygiene is the priority.
When it comes to kitchens, it’s a great option because granite is heat resistant. With a professional-quality sealant, the stone is stain and scratch resistant for a lustrous and luxurious finish every day. When you invest in granite, you receive long-term value for the cost.
Caring For Your New Granite Worktop
As one of the UK’s largest approved manufacturers of granite we ensure you’ll find the perfect colour and texture to of stone to fit your design and budget. To manufacture and install your chosen slab of granite, our team will measure and cut in advance in our state-of-the-art factory showroom before sealing the stone and preparing it for safe transportation. We use only the best quality of stone and equipment, including industry-leading CNC cutting equipment and digital templating for accuracy.

Once installed, simple warm water and a mild detergent are enough to keep the worktop clean.
Benefits Of Choosing A Quartzstone Worktop
Quartzstone is durable and tougher than granite because it is both durable and nonporous. Quartzstone worktops are manufactured using 93% ground natural quartz and 7% polymer resins, making quartz almost indestructible. A quartz kitchen worktop will stand up to juice, oil, wine, tomato, coffee, and other everyday spills. Because of its nonporous surface that naturally repels stains, there’s never a need to have your worktops resealed and cleaning and maintenance is perpetually quick and easy. You’ll be able to enjoy your quartz worktops for years without worrying about chips, scratches, or cracks.

The fact that this material is engineered, not quarried, allows a much wider range of colours, colour matching, and consistency than you’ll find from searching through slabs of natural stone. Unlike cheaper laminate, quartz has an even, three-dimensional shine very similar to natural solid stone materials.